Blue Polychrome. Comparing narratives and interpretations

Curated by Sara Liuzzi and Emanuela Romano

15 February - 15 April 2023
A Pick Gallery, Turin

A PICK GALLERY presents the group show Blue polychrome: comparing narratives and interpretations.

The exhibition, curated by Sara Liuzzi and Emanuela Romano, in collaboration with Ghëddo Association and Opere Scelte, presents an elaborate itinerary of works highlighting the many declinations of blue.
A well-calibrated synergy emerges between works by established masters and young talents – both local and international artists – covering a wide time span. February 2023 will mark the 65th anniversary of “Nel blu dipinto di blu” by Domenico Modugno, one of the world’s most famous Italian songs.
Ideally, the exhibition focuses on this period and features works by: Irma Blank, Mel Bochner, Agostino Bonalumi, Antonio Carena, Fernanda Carrillo, Julia Carrillo, Marco Cordero with Hourinaz Sherkat, Giulio De Mitri, Marco De Rosa, Gérard Deschamps, Piero Dorazio, Sven Drühl, Andrea Fiorino, Raffaella Formenti, Francesca Gagliardi, Winfred Gaul, Mimmo Germanà, Raymond Hains, Fukushi Ito, Yves Klein, Ugo La Pietra, Silvia Margaria, Paola Mongelli, Ernesto Morales, Jan Muche, Georges Noël, Tony Oursler, Giulio Paolini, Fabio Perino, Pablo Picasso, Lucio Pozzi, Salvo Raeli, Man Ray, Mimmo Rotella, Carol Rama, Piero Rambaudi, Mario Schifano, Werner Schreib, Paolo Scirpa, Ettore Sordini, Renato Spagnoli, Marco Tagliafico, Giulio Turcato, Laura Valle, Victor Vasarely, Arturo Vermi, Claudia Vetrano, Claude Viallat, Jacques Villeglé, Gianfranco Zappettini.

«The blue pigment, following its broadest symbolic and transcendental meaning, is the leitmotif of the exhibition project. The aim of the exhibition – says curator Sara Liuzzi – was to offer the visitor a broad historical-artistic overview, offering a transversal reading of the infinite shades of blue. A trip cadenced between heterogeneous languages and multiple artistic techniques, whose common denominator is found in blue, in this case, polychrome. A sort of ‘chromatic ritual’ emphasizes the diverse interpretative readings of each work and also demonstrates how the exhibited works in this important collective, even if belonging to certain historical periods and different generations, can interact and dialogue with each other as well, creating a wonderful and multifaceted story in its entirety». «As the title suggests – says curator Emanuela Romano – the group show is a narrative that aims to explore the role of the color blue in art, how it has influenced, inspired and helped the production of many artists. Various interpretations and artistic research are taken into consideration, from the most famous and historicized to the youngest artists. […]
We know a great variety of blues with different gradations and shades – ultramarine blue, Egyptian blue, Prussian blue, cerulean blue, electric blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, sapphire – and just as many meanings are attached to this color depending also on the gradation. This is why we speak of polychrome blue in this exhibition. The intention is to pay attention to the complexity of this color that changes appearance with a small nuance and has been used with particular care by great masters». A unique opportunity to rediscover the fascination and influence of this color, through artistic research and particular movements that revolutionized the 20th century art scene.
A project in collaboration with Ghëddo Association and Opere Scelte

A Pick Gallery