Paths in colour: new works on paper by Paolo Scirpa

Curated by Antonio Musiari

01 December 2003

Light vibration. Chalk on paper, 70×70 cm, 2004

[…] Paolo Scirpa's artistic development has always been accompanied by his work in the medium of prints: aquatints, lino cuts, lithography, screenprinting, and experiments on plates designed using computer technology (his interest in this area developed from 1970), and more recently, oil pastels on paper. He uses this range of techniques to explore the effectiveness of his constructional method used to create the geometrical forms of his Ludoscopes and their patterns based on infinite combinations. From this space which is subdivided and multiplied, he chooses a portion in which there is a regular sequence, and focuses on just part of it, highlighting it on the sheet of paper […]

Parma, 2003