A tunnel towards the unknown

Curated by Bruno Munari

01 December 1980

Bruno With Bruno Munari, Centro Culturale d'Arte Contemporanea Sincron, Brescia, 1980

Using the outlines of three fundamental shapes, the equilateral triangle, the square and the circle, and applying the two simplest laws of symmetry, translation and expansion, Scirpa designs three-dimensional objects and paintings in which light (for the three-dimensional objects) and colour create unusual effects.[..].In his three-dimensional objects, Scirpa organizes a series of lateral movements of outline shapes created using neon light. In these black boxes, the order of the shifts of these luminous outlines begins inside the box and is propagated to infinity. […] They are like holes towards the unknown, like a video screen facing a mysterious direction; they are perforations of optical space […]. No-one has reached the bottom of these holes to tell us what they have seen there.

Milan, 1980