VAF STIFTUNG The Collection – General Catalogue

Paolo Scirpa – Consumerist monument. 1992/2002. MART, Rovereto 2011. VAF Stiftung/MART Trento and Rovereto

The catalogue's cover

The VAF Foundation possesses one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary Italian art. By virtue of the great number of artists represented and the rich stylistic diversity of the works, it can also be regarded in art-historical terms as bearing key witness to the Italian art of our time and its contribution at the international level. Importance attaches not only to the breadth of the period involved, from the dawn of the 20th century to the present day, but also to the extraordinary wealth of information provided by a vast selection of works distinguished among other things by a markedly unconventional approach to collecting. It thus includes both major works by the leading and best-known practitioners of modern and contemporary Italian art but also recently discovered treasures revealing the creative skills of artists now developing the canonical model of art in Italy.

Texts by: Gabriella Belli, Volker W. Feierabend, Daniela Ferrari, Klaus Wolbert