Paolo Scirpa. True light – simulated space

Curated by Marco Meneguzzo

27 November 2012 - 18 January 2013
Galleria Ravizza, Milano and Maab Studio d’Arte, Padua

Ludoscope. Expansion, 1977

An exhibition in two locations, Milan and Padua, curated by Marco Meneguzzo, looks at the work of Paolo Scirpa from a historical viewpoint.


This project, strongly backed by the two dealers, not only provides an overview of the artist's oeuvre, but it also represents a starting point for reflection on his role in the history of Italian contemporary art. His rich and expressive artistic personality has been brought to new attention by a wave of interest in the 1970s, and in particular to the optical art that was pioneered at that time.


The works in the show comprise a selection of Ludoscopes, works with inbuilt light sources that Scirpa made from the early 1970s. A system of optics creates the illusion of reflections extending to infinity. The light from neon tubes, folded into 'Platonic' geometric shapes, is reflected by a series of mirrors to create paths of light that generate a virtual space beyond the work's physical confines, simulating a conceptually infinite space.