Lucia nell'arte del presente

Curated by Ornella Fazzina

11 February - 26 February 2012
Ex Monastero del Ritiro, Syracuse

Paolo Scirpa has made light his favored means of communication, creating mirroring structures that have a central unit from which everything converges and diverges, closures and openings to allow the eye to dwell on glossy surfaces, in a vision where light amplification gives light to forms. The geometry of light creates a dialogue with the location, redesigning a space where the work of art interacts with environment. Illusion versus reality, simplicity versus complexity are the binomials of his art. The cleanness and formal synthesis are the result of an ability to bring the inert matter to life, as if the surfaces possess a life of its own, creating continuous variations depending on the beholder’s point of view. The works of Scirpa have a strong reference to the kinetic and programmed art of the '60s, although distancing from them.

Ornella Fazzina