Kinetica Artfair 2013

Curated by Kinetica Museum

28 February - 03 March 2013

Well-curved expansion+translation, 2006

Multispatial cube, 1987. "A great example of art moving with the times". The Times, 2013

The aim of Kinetica Art Fair is to present works that exemplify universal concepts, heighten consciousness and advance human potential; it is through the performative and immediate nature of the works and the viewers creative engagement with them that a strong attunement to the concepts are activated. Many of the works are intuitive in the ways that they reach out to the viewer or the viewer will activate the work into being, a kind of living art where the viewer and art are creating an inter-change, or physical dialogue.


The interconnection between art and science has been around for a long time, Kinetica is dedicated to the historical and contemporary importance of these themes and provides London with an international platform unlike anything realised before. Kinetica Art Fair brings together galleries, artist’s collectives, curatorial groups and organisations specialising in kinetic, electronic and new media art from around the world, collectively portraying an ‘Art of Universal knowledge’, where many disciplines are called upon in the creation of the work and its concepts.


Kinetica Art Fair 2012 hosted the work of over 45 galleries and art organisations nationally and internationally, with representatives from UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, USA, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Greece and Holland, collectively showing over 400 works of art.

Kinetica Museum’s feature exhibition, a curated showcase within the fair, was dedicated to the exhibition of pioneering contemporary works through the Museum’s new ‘Oxygen’ membership scheme and invited Kinetica artists. Entitled; Art Of Universal Knowledge: Time, transformation and energy, it focused on cosmological, environmental and evolving processes in this age of transformation and explored artistic interpretations of the shifting of time, unseen energies and new ways of thinking.


Alongside the Fair, Kinetica presented a daily programme of talks, presentations and performances themed on Time, transformation and energy where eminent pioneers, experimental artists, performers and key figures in the field of kinetic art, electronic art, cybernetics and neurosciences were invited to participate.


Kinetica is interested in the movement of our times, in presenting works that in essence are a statement of our evolution, where we have come from, where we are now and where we are being propelled. For artists working in these realms it is a golden era. Kinetica’s role is to capture and showcase as much of it as possible.