Light art in Italy. Temporary installations. Gisella Gellini. Maggioli Ed. 2021

“In this huge environmental installation, light is once again a mesmerizing presence that captures our gaze. Into a ring-shaped metal sheet are placed cylindrical units that contain different and fanciful shapes made of colored neon tubes, showing a kinetic animation to the viewer. It consists of twelwe containers, where each neon tube is placed as a clock needle, metaphorically pointed towards a vital core where all the energies converge in a single unit and from which they diverge. These express the idea of the passing of the time until the hour XII, midday, when the shadows disappear and only light is left. The neon structure that becomes light creates an environment projected towards infinite, the emptiness, an abyss. The idea of infinite in a simulated space has been fostering since time my thoughts and my inner dimension”. Paolo Scirpa