Paolo Scirpa: reinventing the city

Curated by Francesco Poli

25 June 1997

[…] The design for the Greek theatre was created with the objective of enhancing the purity of forms of a sequence of progressively-interlinked semicircles radiating from the stage, or that, in the other direction, move towards a greater “;concentration.”; Scirpa places his circular structure at the centre of the stage, in order to perpetuate the funnel shape in a virtual sense. This work seems to provide an almost tautological confirmation of the fact that the performance remains the same, however many dramas have been enacted in the past and however many there will be in the future. In addition, the artist created a 1:10 scale model of the work based on the Greek theatre, which constitutes an independent work with its own meaning independent of the context.

Milan, 1997