Paolo Scirpa italiano

On units of measure
Curated by Alberto Veca

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The sun in Syracuse – Project for a sculpture dedicated to Archimedes
Curated by Marco Meneguzzo
05 december 2006

[…] Paolo Scirpa has conceived a shape recalling the concave mirror. He uses mobile metal elements, with dazzling brightness that reflects light in first place, and then generates a remote feeling of perfect form/idea, so perfect as to capture the sun and [...]
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Paolo Scirpa and his times…in Sicily
Curated by Ornella Fazzina

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A virtual view of the world – An installation by Paolo Scirpa
Curated by Giorgio Seveso
20 november 2004

[…] the entire world-universe is evoked by a globe of water and earth, which is covered, or more precisely actually constituted, by a series of explicit consumerist phrases, and product labels, packages, wrappers, brands and logos […] (imagery that [...]
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Painting and kinetic objects. Vibrations of light in Paolo Scirpa’s work
Curated by Claudio Cerritelli

[…] The canvases evoke the overlapping motifs created by moving neon. The colours expand as if in a luminescent dazzle. The lines of light intersect, eliminating their reciprocal boundaries. The planes acquire weight in relation to the spectator's [...]
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Paths in colour: new works on paper by Paolo Scirpa
Curated by Antonio Musiari

[…] Paolo Scirpa's artistic development has always been accompanied by his work in the medium of prints: aquatints, lino cuts, lithography, screenprinting, and experiments on plates designed using computer technology (his interest in this area developed [...]
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Stories of light
Curated by Flaminio Gualdoni
06 september 2000

[…] The Ludoscope with semi-embedded links-Connected paths, that Scirpa recently presented at the Quadriennale, is the latest and most complete example of his method of devising his "art of vision." A series of paths in a cruciform-shape place the [...]
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Paolo Scirpa and the sculptural, monumental characteristics of light
Curated by Andrea Del Guercio

[…] Scirpa's expressive approach in his "Cubic labyrinth" reveals his preference for a new, monumental sculptural dimension, comprising the vast heritage of experience that he developed over the course of his thirty-year career as an artist. The [...]
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Paolo Scirpa: reinventing the city
Curated by Francesco Poli
25 june 1997

[…] The design for the Greek theatre was created with the objective of enhancing the purity of forms of a sequence of progressively-interlinked semicircles radiating from the stage, or that, in the other direction, move towards a greater [...]
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