Paolo Scirpa italiano

Transparencies of light and colour: windows in the church of the Divin Pianto at Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan, Italy)
23 july 2011

New suggestions are created by the vibrant light resulting from combinations of geometrical forms and blended colours, with references and expansion that constantly interact. The windows filter sunlight as it enters the church, with changing patterns and angles during the day. I hope that people are still capable of discovering the mystery of emotion and silence in this atmosphere, enabling them to develop their relationship with God. The central glazing installation on the main door becomes a focal point that interacts with the sacred interior, with its many other existing artworks.

From the catalogue for the exhibition "Rediscovered episodes of Italian art”, VAF-Stiftung 1947-2010 [...] The work titled “Large double-sided consumerist poster. Beyond accumulation. 1992-2002” is exhibited in the foyer at MART. It is installed in the crucial space that links the two exhibition galleries, with a symbolic function of transition between the more historic section and the more contemporary part. Paolo Scirpa works predominantly in the optics-kinetic area of art, and this piece, with distinctly ethical-social implications, grew over the course of about ten years, as the maturation of a primordial piece dating to 1972 and titled “Consumerist megapolis.” It is a patient and meticulous accumulation of boxes and packages for consumer products, which form a wall almost three metres high. It gives the impression of emerging from deep in the ground, by means of the use of mirrors that double the image. The observer is invited to reflect on the degenerative development of capitalism and consumerism in the economic and social spheres.

Paolo Scirpa
Milano, 2011

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Trasparenze di luce e colore, 2011. Stained-glass window. Madonna del Divin Pianto Church, Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan)