Paolo Scirpa italiano

01 january 2015

AWM is the first issue of the new magazine by It is based on just images and structured on "Augmented Reality". You can flip through the pages and read it on your smartphone or tablet.   “Everything exists in virtue of the empty [...]
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Light Art in Italy 2013. Temporary Installations, by Gisella Gellini
12 december 2014

Sixth book of the series, Light Art in Italy – Temporary Installations 2013, realised with the journalist Clara Lovisetti, is dedicated to Paolo Rosa, recently disappeared and with whom the Author co-operated to several cultural and editorial events. But as she [...]
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NEON. La materia luminosa dell’arte, MACRO - Roma. The Catalogue
23 june 2012

Present in our everyday lives for more than a century now, after having quickly become a symbol of modernity, neon is also one of the materials with the greatest expressive potential in the field of contemporary art. From the 50s on, its dematerialized energy, its [...]
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